About Us

Lost Souls of America is a weekly true crime podcast premiering every Wednesday at 4pm EST. Every episode shines light on unsolved cases throughout the United States in an effort to give voice to those who are not able to share their story.

The cases covered are a mixture of active cases you may be hearing about in the news, active cases the traditional media is not covering, and cold cases. Our main goal is to provide our listeners with as much information as we can to help get these cases solved and provide closure for families and justice for victims.

Do you have a family member or close friend who’s case has been unsolved and needs more attention?? We want to help. This is especially true for those who are misrepresented and underrepresented in traditional media. There is a massive issue of unreported or altogether dismissed cases among indigenous communities, sex workers, and more here in the United States. If you have a case that needs another look, please consider submitting your story for coverage here.

You can find the Lost Souls of America Podcast however you enjoy listening, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The show is researched, written, and hosted by Jamie Day. It’s produced and co-hosted by Amelia Childs Schwartzman. Theme music is by Aaron Schilb. Lost Souls of America makes efforts to cite original source material, though in many cases reports are conflicting. For corrections, please email lostsoulsofamericapodcast@gmail.com with the correct reference material.

Jamie Day

Jamie Day is a mom to four living in beautiful Southern Maine. When she’s not watching true crime documentaries she loves walks in the woods, sun on the beach, and drinking coffee! She works full time as an evidential medium and spiritual development teacher. Follow her on instagram at @lovejamieday and check her out online here!!

Amelia Childs Schwartzman

Amelia Childs Schwartzman is a podcast producer and personality located just outside of Boston, MA, USA. In addition to working on Lost Souls of America she is the host and producer of the award winning Ghost Hunting In New England Podcast and The Vegan Massachusetts Podcast. When she’s not podcasting, Amelia is running her vegetarian cafe, mentoring local college students, and sitting on the Board of Directors with her local Rotary Club. She spends her downtime time studying Russian, practicing Reiki, and hanging out with her beloved cat, Litty, and her canary-winged parakeet, Pancake. She holds a BFA in Photography and has studied method acting through Boston Casting Inc. She has appeared on numerous other podcasts to talk about business, animal rights, and the paranormal- what a combination. You can find her on instagram @ar.childs and at archildsproductions.com