Murdered in Utah: The case of Kylen Shulte and Crystal Turner

Editor’s note: This episode contains clips from an interview with the victims’ family which was recorded on March 2nd 2022 and aired at 4pm on March 16th 2022. This is an open and ongoing investigation and new information is coming to light regularly. Follow the family’s sources for the most up to date information, and we will update you in new episodes as information is available, airing every Weds. Please listen to the full episode at the link below or wherever you get your podcasts:

Crystal Michelle Turner was born in 1982 in Hot Springs Arkansas to parents Obie and Beverly. 38 year old Crystal met 24 year old Kylen and her dad Sean Paul while out in a hike. The two bonded instantly over a love of nature and adventure. The two got married in a super fun and unique ceremony on April 20th 2021. The photos are beautiful and so full of love and celebration. Kylen was tall and stunning in her traditional gown, while little Crystal looked fantastic and fun in her suit and braided hair. One of the notable things about them is that they lived a pretty bohemian, hippie lifestyle. In fact, at the time they were full time campers in Moab Utah. 

The night that they were last seen was August 13th 2021 when the couple met some friends at a local tavern. The friends say they were very much in love that night, and all had a great time. After the bar, the pair went to visit a friend with a newborn. That night while visiting her friend, Kylen’s was complaining about a creepy neighbor from a neighboring campsite who was in their space. 

The girls said their goodbyes and returned to their campground after leaving the mom and baby. When no one had heard from them in 4 days, Kylen’s father Sean Paul contacted their Moab friend Cindy Sue, as well as the police. Diane told me that they wouldn’t do a missing persons report at that time but they did an unable to locate report instead. Crystal’s coworkers told officers where they’d camp, but the police initially went to the wrong site. 

On August 18th, Sean Paul called Cindy Sue again,  headed to the correct area where she thought their campsite was located. When Cindy Sue arrived, still on the phone with Sean Paul, she discovered the nearly nude body of Kylen Shulte in a ditch. Fearing for her own safety and reeling from shock, she ran from the scene, never having seen the body of Crystal Turner which laid just beyond her wife. They had both died of multiple gunshot wounds from a 9mm to their back, sides, and chests. 

There’s a lot the police are not telling us yet, which Diane says she’s grateful for so that there’s a chance at prosecution when they catch this person. It does leave us with many unanswered questions though. Were they killed there or were they moved? Both women were nude from the waist down, with their shirts pulled up, though reports seem to say at this time there was no sexual assault. I can’t help but find myself wondering what possible motive someone would have for committing such a horrific act. Was it random violence? 

Early on in the investigation, Crystal and Kylen’s murders were linked to Brian Laundrie and the Gabby Petito investigation. Kylen and Crystal were murdered in Moab just one day after the infamous van altercation between Brian and Gabby in Moab. Before we knew for sure that Brian Laundrie had killed his girlfriend, some speculated about a serial killer. And today many people are still not convinced that Brian himself isn’t that killer. But the police have officially cleared him as a person of interest in this case. Despite the family’s positive outlook, nothing will take away the pain of losing these two beloved women, who had so much more life ahead of them.

In January and February of 2022, some rumors began swirling that the investigators had a person of interest. I just want to make sure everyone understands anyone the police have considered a person of interest has since been cleared. Brian Laundrie was even a person of interest at one point. There are no official suspects, police do not know who did this, and police NEED YOUR HELP. 

I asked Diane what the most helpful thing we can do for Crystal and Kylen is, and she said that the investigators most need photo and video footage from the area. There’s an urgent call for submissions for anyone who traveled to the South Mesa area of Utah in mid August 2021. 

If you were visiting, camping, or even passing through the area of La Sal Loop Road and FR4651 in the part of Moab known as The South Mesa Area please contact the Grand County Sheriff’s department at 435-259-8115

If you have not traveled to Utah I still have a a Call to Action for you! Join the facebook group and contribute to the investigative fundraiser:

Fundraiser Catch a killer- money for the investigation 

Facebook Group- Ky Cry Warriors 


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