Unidentified in Texas: The Case of the Galveston Doe

On May 10th, 2020, the body of a young man was found on a beach in Galveston TX near Kahala Drive. Unfortunately, the circumstances of his death are unclear and police have been unable to identify him through fingerprints.

The team at Othram has begun the initial DNA process, and narrowed down his genetic ancestry to most likely be from East Africa, specifically Somali Bantu or Kenyan Bantu. But Othram needs our help!!

Galveston Doe is currently under fundraising to provide more genetic testing and genealogy work to be able to identify his next of kin and return this young man to his name. Though his case began crowd funding right around the same time as Mostly Harmless, his full funding has yet to be completed.

If you’re able, please consider sparing tomorrow’s drive through coffee, or even more to contribute to this case. Crowd funding like this is exactly how the story of Mostly Harmless was closed and became the story of Vance Rodriguez. YOU can help solve a mystery and bring this man home!

If a financial donation is not in the cards for you, there are more ways to help. If you’ve had DNA analysis done for personal use, you can submit your DNA to othram to help find any future matches. You can also share this page, or the Othram page, eagerly and often! You never know who may see it and recognize him, or who may feel inspired to donate.

Details of our Galveston Doe are as follows:

“The decedent has been described as a male between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, with a height of five feet seven inches and a weight of about 150 pounds. He was wearing black shorts, grey Calvin Klein boxers, and his hands were fitted through white Under Armour sandals.”

If you have any information about the Galveston Doe, please call Galveston Medical Examiner’s office at 409-935-9274.

To donate, please visit Othram at https://dnasolves.com/articles/galveston_beach_remains/

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