Seeds of Hope: The Closed Case of Mostly Harmless

On a hot and humid day in July of 2018, hikers discovered the thin, frail  deceased body of a man in a tent in the Everglades in Florida. Though no identification could be found, the man had food, water, and over three thousand dollars in cash. First responders also noted notebooks full of complex gaming code and other mysterious items indicating this intelligent man had many tools at his disposal, so the circumstances which led to his death of natural causes was unclear and confusing.

The Collier County sheriff’s office went right to work distributing the sketch of the unidentified man. To their excitement, tons of people came forward recognizing right away! They’d spent a lot of time together hiking the Appalachian trail from states as far north as New York, chatting, sharing meals, getting to know each other! The problem was- not one of them knew the man’s name. They’d simply called him Mostly Harmless. 

That is, until the Doe warriors of the internet got a hold of the story and countless people and groups across the globe joined forces to solve this case and return his identity. 

Listen to the full episode to hear an interview with special guest Natasha teasley to hear the incredible inside story of how the internet worked together to close a case, and how YOU can be part of closing the next case! This is the story of (drumroll please!) Vance Rodriguez. 

Be sure to read our next post about the Galveston Doe, another heartbreaking case out of Florida that needs YOUR help!!!

To learn more about Natasha, please visit Two Sisters Adventure!

To listen to the full episode, find Lost Souls of America on Apple, on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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