Welcome to the Lost Souls of America Podcast

We’re so grateful that you’ve found our website. Have you heard our Podcast?

Lost Souls of America is a weekly true crime podcast. Each episode shines light on an unsolved case in the United States. Amelia and I have come together to create this project for you, but most importantly for those who are not able to share their own voice. We both hope that you’ll love it as much as we do, and I’ve decided to share with you a little bit of the journey of how it came to be!

I’ve been a true crime fanatic for as long as I can remember. I used to make my parents tape Unsolved Mysteries for me because I just loved it! I felt so drawn into every store, desperately wishing I could do something to help. As the years went on, the interest didn’t go away, and neither did that pang of guilt I felt every time it occurred to me that I was watching someone’s misery for entertainment and doing nothing to help.

For years I’ve had ideas ruminating around in my head about how I could spread the stories of people who weren’t able to spread it themselves. I knew I had a skill- to use this big old mouth that the universe gifted me with for some good. I had no idea how that would look, but I held the vision and waited for it to make sense.

A few years ago, I was contacted by Amelia and Beth at Ghost Hunting in New England to do a tour of some haunted spots in my hometown in Danvers. We bonded immediately, and to my luck they had me on the show many more times. Whether I was on their show or others, people would tell me I was a natural and should start a podcast. I’d always say “Oh thank you, but I have no idea how to do that, it’s too much work for me.”

I’m ashamed to say that conversation went on for almost two years! Repeatedly the idea of starting a podcast about unsolved cases would land in my lap and I’d toss it away. One day it hit me: “Ask for help.” Seems so simple and yet, so hard, right?

The next time I saw Amelia was when we were taking a tour of Starr Island for her podcast. I knew she’d be able to connect me with people who could help. I was sure she’d be far too busy to take on another project, so I wasn’t even planning on asking. To my delight, she heard my pitch and said yes without hesitation!!

So we’re here now, combining our skills for what will hopefully be the benefit of many! My big mouth and buckets of passion, and Amelia’s drive, knowledge, and focus. We want nothing more than to have the things we’re halfway decent at already anyway to be used for GOOD. To shine light on these unsolved cases!

Our biggest goal is to have you do the same, in whatever way best suits your unique skills! With each case we aim to bring you action steps for getting involved. Sometimes ithis will be as simple as asking you to spread awareness through social media, while other times we’ll be providing ways for you to donate, volunteer, sign petitions, and more.

Some cases will tug at you more than others. Some cases will make you want to drop what you’re doing and take immediate action. We encourage you to listen to that pull- it’s there for a reason and we hope that you’ll follow your heart.

Amelia and I also hope that you’ll consider submitting a case if you have a family member who’s case has been unsolved and needs more attention. This is especially true for those who are misrepresented and underrepresented in traditional media. There is an epidemic of unreported or altogether dismissed cases among indigenous communities, sex workers, and more. If you have a case that needs another look, please consider submitting your story for coverage here.

You never know- YOU could be the last piece of the puzzle to solving a case. Here at Lost Souls of America, we believe that ALL people deserve to have their stories heard and their cases closed. These are the stories of the voiceless. These are the Lost Souls of America.

You can find the Lost Souls of America Podcast however you enjoy listening, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The show is researched, written, and hosted by Jamie Day. It’s produced and co-hosted by Amelia Childs Schwartzman. Theme music is by Aaron Schilb. Lost Souls of America makes efforts to cite original source material, though in many cases reports are conflicting. For corrections, please email lostsoulsofamericapodcast@gmail.com with the correct reference material.

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